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Brad Latting

Brad Latting – Certified Professional Inspector

Trifecta Home Inspection Services is owned and operated by Brad Latting, a Certified Professional Inspector (CPI) with over 30 years of dedicated customer service under his belt. After moving back to his hometown of Tulsa, Brad was looking for a new career that would allow him to put his background in residential home building along with his love of working with new people every day to use. Having accompanied a friend and fellow home inspector to many properties, he decided that the home inspection industry was a perfect fit for him and the skills he already possessed. Brad enjoys getting to help people on a daily basis and maintains his education so that he is always able to answer his client’s questions with integrity.

30 Years of Customer Service

Before becoming a licensed home inspector, Brad accumulated over 30 years of experience in customer service and small business ownership. He worked in the insurance and financial services business, learning how to properly communicate important details to clients in ways that are easily understood. If you are looking for a home inspector who will put your needs above all else, look no further.


  • Oklahoma Home Inspector License #70001929
  • InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector (CPI) #NACHI18051645
  • Member of ORCIA (Oklahoma Residential & Commercial Inspector Association)
  • Infrared – Thermal Imaging Certified
  • Certified 11th Month Warranty Inspector
  • Certified Annual Home Maintenance Inspector
  • Certified and FAA Licensed Drone Pilot
  • Certified Chimney Inspector
  • Certified Crawlspace Inspector
  • Certified Deck Inspector
  • Certified Exterior Inspector
  • Certified Electrical Inspector
  • Certified First-Time Homebuyer Inspector
  • Certified 4 Point Inspector
  • Certified Moisture Intrusion Inspector
  • Move-In Certified Inspector
  • Certified Plumbing Inspector
  • Certified Roof Inspector
  • Certified Structure and Foundation Inspector
InterNACHI Certified Inspector
InterNACHI Infrared Certified
InterNACHI Certified 11th Month Warranty Inspections
InterNACHI Certified Annual Home Maintenance Inspector
Certified and FAA Licensed Drone Pilot
InterNACHI Certified Chimney Inspector
InterNACHI Certified Crawlspace Inspector
InterNACHI Certified Deck Inspector
InterNACHI Certified Exterior Inspector
InterNACHI Certified Electrical Inspector
InterNACHI Certified First Time Home Buyer Friendly
InterNACHI Certified Four Point Inspector
InterNACHI Certified Moisture Intrusion Inspector
InterNACHI Move In Certified
InterNACHI Certified Plumbing Inspector
InterNACHI Certified Roof Inspector
InterNACHI Certified Structure & Foundation Inspector

More About Brad…

In his spare time, Brad enjoys being with his family, traveling, and participating in golf, basketball, and football. He is a member of the Tulsa Red Castle Gun Club and has recently picked up rifles as a new hobby. Dedicated to serving his community, Brad frequently volunteers to help those in need through public, private, and church organizations throughout the year.

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